Welcome to greenfolder

I called this site greenfolder in an oblique reference to an old green folder of poetry and prose that I compiled to take travelling with me many years ago. This site is in its own way a similar collection of vaguely related information and references - from dropdown notes or single pages, such as web design or NZ walking tracks, and other more detailed individual websites, such as the supertramp, or the original green folder. They have no great connection together and consequently I have chosen that the navigation between them is always by coming back to the home page.

A small image, top right of the page is always the route home.

The images on this site are taken at Otanerito on Banks Peninsula where I live and work as part of the Banks Peninsula Track.

The 'Track' is a unique business - a co-operative of neighbouring properties, which has lasted for over twenty years, run throughout by virtually the same few people, and dependent on everyone involved staying in it! The challenge for me over these twenty years has been to be successful without getting bigger - to offer a lovely product without charging the earth, and - most of all - to be a tourism business without sacrificing real life to a fake image.

And to remember that the poetry of life, however you interpret it, is always more significant than the package....

Greenfolder web design is based at Otanerito on Banks Peninsula, providing customised websites for writers, artists, and eco-tourism.



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